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All of our incoming raw herbs are tested for identity, purity and quality.  We use several compendia methods for testing, including European, United States, Japanese Pharmacopeias.  We also utilize the American Herbal Pharmacopeia.  We check the purity of our materials by testing for excessive microbial contamination, heavy metals and pesticides.  Most of this testing is sent to outside 3rd party laboratories who specialize in the herbal industry.


We do not utilize soft gels or gelatin capsules for our encapsulated products.  We strictly use veggie caps which are 100% cellulose with no added chemicals.  The capsules we use contain no preservatives, nor are they sterilized by either chemical or any radiation means.

We are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified, Kosher Certified and are Certified for the manufacturing of Organic Products as well.  We are also registered with the Food and Drug Administration. Most herbs are certified organic from medicinal herb farms in the U.S. or ethically wildcrafted. Fresh herbs are collected at the peak of potency and processed within hours of being harvested. Only the full biochemical spectrums of the active plant parts are used.

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