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turmeric elixers

Except for Pure Prana, prices are as follows:

$5.99 each for 12 oz- have an 8 pk or 16-pk sent to your house

$12.99 for 32 oz- have a 6-pk sent to you.

Link to article on turmeric being as effective as 14 drugs.


In Ayurvedic tradition, Prana is the intersection of breath and body. This dynamic elixir combines functional ingredients that deliver sustained life force energy to meet the demands of modern vitality. TumericALIVE — PurePRANA® is a healthy, whole food solution to the on-the-go energy boost.

“Our new Pure Prana shot brings balance to the body and provides a boost of sustained energy in a way that’s not going to spike your energy levels immediately and make you crash later like most typical energy drinks and energy shots out there.” — Daniel Sullivan, TurmericALIVE Founder

TumericALIVE Pure Prana® is a fresh, organic product. Please note that PurePRANA® has a 120-day shelf life and must be refrigerated. It tastes incredible.

Cases contain 6 bottles of 3oz size.

Please refrigerate upon receipt.

$29.94 per case with Free Shipping!


Tumeric – PurePRANA

Pure Prana is the “super star” of our family of elixirs and features the very best of our ingredients to fuel sports recovery, including: ashwagandha, yerba mate (an exceptional source of vitamins and minerals), tulsi (an adaptagenic balancing herb, traditionally used in Ayurvedic Medicine), turmeric, ginger, cardomom, spearmint, coconut nectar, coconut oil, lemon, sea salt, black pepper, and cinnamon.